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For this collection of autumn-winter 2012 we invited Vasava Barcelona design studio to realize our line Art Series.

From 1997 Vasava offers a work which combine disciplines as typography, illustration, interactive design and animation. Vasava‘s passion for the craft shines through everything they do and this has become sought after by brands like Nike, Adobe, Diesel, Comme des Garcons…

Work of Vasava for Nike – Nike stay fresh – 


For Woouf, they created a family of three psychedelic bean bags, very confortable for the youngest! Tom the leon, Daisy the owl and Boris the monkey !!!

Photo credit © Leila Méndez

Tom   –  Photo credit © Leila Méndez

Boris   –  Photo credit © Leila Méndez


© Dr Case

David M. Buisán

David M. Buisán is the third artist to collaborate in our Art Series.

Based in Barcelona, this illustrator feeds and exposes his art work with elements that surround him such as: music, night life, fantasy literature and cinema. Inspired  by  Star Wars, Donnie Darko, Pratchett and many others… We are suddenly transported to his own particular comic land.

Illustration for Bess store in New-York

Illustration for Cinemanía magazine

For Woouf, he illustrated a bean bag with the shape of a pile of comics and also, a serie of  3 pillows with the Wooufingers as super heroes!


David M. Buisán


For our  2011 spring/summer collection, we have given total freedom to Mingarro brothers, Juan et Alejandro, they bring to Woouf! their freshness and graphic world, full of fantasy.

For this, they created a serie of 6 buildings the Brosmind City that recreates a fire station, a cinema and even a candy store.


BROSMIND is a design studio based in Barcelona founded by the Mingarro brothers in 2006. Their style is fresh and optimistic and always combines fantasy and hu- mor.

Their works have been awarded with the most prestigious international awards like Gold and Silver Lions in Cannes (2007), Cannes Shortlist(2008), Graphist Gold Award (2009) among others…They are the most published spanish illustrator in Luerzer’s Archive during the last ten years and recently were selected for Luerzer’s Archive Special 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide and published by Taschen for volume Illustration Now # 3.

The brothers have worked for clients such as Nike, Microsoft, Gillette, Honda, Land Rover, Vo- lkswagen… but their fantastic universe is not fully understood without their personal artistic projects like Brosmind Army, a collection of ceramic sculptures or Brosmind RV, the hila- rious car covered with their illustrations and powered by pedals.

Brosmind Army & Brosmind RV

Their latest creation is Brosmind City, a collection of six beanbag buildings for Woouf. As the brothers said, “ This project is like a dream came true because we’ve been always passionate about imagining and drawing buildings. When we got in touch with Woouf we knew something great would born from that collaboration. The astounding quality of their products made them the perfect choice to bring our illustrations into the third dimension.”





For our first collection, we have had the pleasure to colaborate with Escif, an artist based in Valencia whom we respect for both his brilliant career and artistic quality. His graphic proposal for this project gathers three patterns of geometric inspiration which we applied to our different bean bag and pillow models. You will be able to see the result of this colaboration having a look at “Gotas” and “Diamond” models in our website.


With a mural painting background, the work of this artist based in Valencia belongs to the urban language, articulated mainly from recuperation and appropriation of abandoned or disused places. He uses illustration as a line of thought from where he faces personal fears, ideas, worries and contradictions.

 Yes, we camp! – California 06/2011

He usually uses few elements, offering a range of views open to interpretation, but most of all to experiencing his work. There is an obvious relationship between his illustrations and the scenario that involves the spectator who wants to approach each of his works. generic cialis, reality and performance, presentation and representation, are not always so obvious.

Consider the gravity of the stuff – 08/2010

Distanced from graffiti movement altogether, using the premise of an open code, not very identified by conventional illustration and considering the wall as a support apparently not very adequate, the work of Escif falls into no man’s land, in between the graffiti and illustration movement, with the advantages and disadvantages which it entails. He feels comfortable working inside these margins and confronts the fact that it is exactly in this verge where his work can make most sense.

Freedom – 04/2011

 Escif  for Woouf

Diamond Bag

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